Monday, 31 December 2012

Gianni Chiarini : Simplicity made in Italy

 So the bag I got for my post christmas present is by Gianni Chiarini: an italian designer. Now if you are looking for an affordable designer bag, this is highly recommended because all bags are 100% leather. The bag is solid in real pictures and I admit my camera did not do much justice to it.I'm returning the Navy blue I got in store and place order for the burgundy colour online. Who likes the burgundy? Click to see more & also the plastic version of the bag.

Today I'm wearing Asos, Zara & Debenhams.

Wow it's the last day of 2012!!! God has been faithful and I say congratulations to everyone reading this post. You made it guys!!! Back to the post. 
Today I'm wearing my favourite skirt from Asos, Zara basic tops and another best buys from Debenhams; Jacket. Now to my shoes...thank you for all the comments both on my blog and bbm. Please note that the most stylish shoes do not come in big sizes. I'm officially a size UK 10 so I can only wear what they make for the 'no size in London' foot. Maybe when I become a millionaire, I'll customise my shoes. Now that we are clear, please no more dissing my shoes (: Click to continue..
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